The History of Education Society seeks a member to fill the position of Site Coordinator for the Society. The new Coordinator will take office at the November 2019 annual meeting in Columbus. The Coordinator will be responsible for site selection for the 2022 annual meeting of HES and beyond.

The Position

The HES Site Coordinator is responsible for procuring proposals from various hotel venues in a city selected by the HES Board of Directors. The coordinator will work with the travel bureau or other entities in the selected city to identify prospective hotel properties, then contact those hotels to obtain preliminary proposals. The coordinator will make a site visit to the selected city to meet with the various hotels that have responded to refine their original proposals. The coordinator will write a report to the Board outlining all of the options available for the particular annual conference and make a recommendation on which property or properties best suit the needs of HES and its members. Once the Board selects a particular vendor, the coordinator will work with the HES Treasurer and the hotel management to develop and execute a contract.

Application Procedure

Any HES member in good standing (excluding graduate student members) may apply for the Site Coordinator position. To apply, a member should write a detailed letter to Derrick Alridge, HES President, no later than May 30, 2019. The letter should include (although not be limited to) the following: (1) A statement detailing the member’s reason(s) for applying for the Site Coordinator position; and (2) a detailed statement of the member’s relevant experience with respect to the position.