This collection of archival resources, collections and other materials is currently organized by state. You will find these resources HERE. 

Archival Agreements for Personal Collections
Maher, W. J. (1994). Ensuring continuity and preservation through archival service agreements. Archival Issues, 19 (1), 5-18; there is a model agreement included as an appendix.

Efforts to Keep Student Raw Data
Many college reunion committees survey their alums with very detailed questionnaires.  The HES Archives Committee requests that our colleagues urge their reunion coordinators to keep the data for release at a later date (perhaps in their college and university archives).


In order to provide instructors a sense of  how others in the field are structuring their courses, the HES Teaching Committee has assembled a selection of sample syllabi across several sub-fields. if you are interested in submitting a syllabus from one of your courses, please send and electronic copy in .pdf format to Karen Graves, HES secretary, at


These 40 articles seek to capture the major themes, debates, and trends of the first fifty years of the History of Education Quarterly, the journal of the History of Education Society (founded in 1961). The articles, appearing in chronological order, and ranging from classics in the field to recent scholarship, were selected with input from a survey of HES members and the guest editor’s consultation with colleagues and a graduate student advisory committee.