Dear HES Friends,

In this global pandemic, amidst the tragic loss of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade, Breonna Taylor and countless persons whose names we may never know, we write to affirm the centrality of #BlackLivesMatter in our past, present and future.  Our work over the decades has shed light on those dark moments when the promises and possibilities of equality under the law were anything but equal.  Our scholarship has shown evidence of human agency and resistance in the face of extreme circumstances, honoring individuals and groups who seized access to literacy and schooling in the face of threats to life and the dissolution of communities.  This moment is a reminder of the import of our work, and it inspires us to do more, as established and emerging scholars, teachers, and mentors and citizen scholars.  We can tell new stories, offer new historical interpretations, and help all of those in our midst make connections between the past and present.  As we do so, we recognize that this history is deeply personal, as mothers, fathers, siblings and friends are living it now, in this very moment.

Yours in community,

The History of Education Society Board