This center includes a number of important archives and collections, including collections from the General Education Board, the International Education Board, the Arts, Education, and Americans Panel, Foundation for Child Development, and the Ford Foundation.

The General Education Board was established in 1930 by John D. Rockefeller to aid education in the United States.  The collection includes correspondence, surveys, reports, studies, diaries, publications, minutes, and administrative records of the board from 1901 to about 1964.  For General Education Board collection:

The International Education Board was founded by John D. Rockefller in January 1923 for the “promotion and advancement of education throughout the world.”  The IEB was most active between 1923 and 1928, before dissolving in December 1938.  The collection includes personnel and fellowship files, traveling professorship records, correspondence, memoranda, charts, clippings and surveys.  For International Education Board collection:

The Arts, Education, and American Panel “was the culmination of the work of the American Council for the Arts in Education (ACAE). Established in 1972 as the successor to the National Council for the Arts in Education (formed in 1958), the ACAE was designed to promote the arts as an integral part of school curricula at all levels of education.”  For Arts, Education, and Americans Panel collection:

The Foundation for Child Development collection includes documents from its origin in 1908 as the Association for the Aid of Crippled Children, when it focused on teaching handicapped children, to its late twentieth century focus on the prevention of child poverty.  For Foudnation for Child Development collection: