Dear HES members,

The Constitutional vote has been completed, and the proposed amendments passed by a vote of 78 to 3.  This means:

  • We will clean up and update language in the Constitution, as specified in earlier communication.  The updated Constitution will be posted soon on the HES website.
  • The job of HES Secretary/Treasurer will now be split.  The Treasurer will focus on financial and legal tasks, and the Secretary will send quarterly newsletters to the members and serve as our liaison with other societies and organizations, as well as keep records.  Both will be appointed by the Board of Directors and serve for three-year terms.  (Ralph Kidder is currently mid-way through his term as Treasurer.)
  • The competitive elections for Vice President and Director will be replaced by a single nominee for each position.  Because the Nominating Committee will play an especially crucial role in elections, it will expand to include the current Past President (who will chair the committee), the previous Past President, a graduate-student representative appointed by the Graduate Student Committee, and two other society members to reflect the diversity of HES.  (Currently, Jim Fraser is Past President and Adah Ward Randolph is previous Past President.)

Under the new Constitution, the Board of Directors now needs to (1) appoint a Secretary, and (2) appoint two members to the 2015 Nominating Committee.  We therefore invite nominations and self-nominations for Secretary and for Nominating Committee members.  Please send your nominations to me at by Monday, March 2.  Please be sure to specify whether each nomination is for secretary or the nominating committee, and don’t be shy about self-nominating—if you’re interested, let me know.

The Graduate Student Committee will appoint the graduate-student member of the Nominating Committee.  Graduate students, please send nominations and self-nominations for the graduate-student member of the nominating committee to Graduate Student Committee Chair Alisha Johnson at byMonday, March 2.  Again, please don’t be shy about self-nominating.

Thanks for your help in making these important appointments.  I look forward to hearing from you by March 2.

All my best—


Christine A. Ogren

Associate Professor, University of Iowa