Past Winners of the Outstanding Book Award

2018, Christina Snyder Great Crossings: Indians, Settlers, and Slaves in the Age of Jackson (Oxford University Press)

2017, Ansley Erickson, Making the Unequal Metropolis: School Desegregation and Its Limits (University of Chicago Press)

2016, Adam Laats, The Other School Reformers: Conservative Activism in American Education (Harvard University Press)

2015, Karen Rader and Victoria Cain, Life On Display: Revolutionizing U.S. Museums of Science & Natural History in the Twentieth Century (University of Chicago Press)

2014, William Reese, Testing Wars in the Public Schools: A Forgotten History (University of Wisconsin Press)

2013, Geoff K. Ward, The Black Child-Savers: Racial Democracy & Juvenile Justice (University of Chicago Press) 

2012, Nancy Beadie, Education and the Creation of Capital in the Early Republic (Cambridge University Press)

2011, Ronald Butchart, Schooling the Freed People: Teaching, Learning, and the Struggle for Black Freedom, 1861-1876 (University of North Carolina Press)

2010, Hilary Moss, Schooling Citizens: The Struggle for African-American Education in Antebellum America (University of Chicago Press)

2009, A.J. Angulo, William Barton Rogers and the Idea of MIT (Johns Hopkins University Press)

2008, Adam Fairclough, A Class of Their Own: Black Teachers in the Segregated South (Harvard University Press)

2007, Catherine Kerrison, Claiming the Pen: Women and Intellectual Life in the Early American South
(Cornell University Press)

2006, Mona Siegel, The Moral Disarmament of France: Education, Pacifism, and Patriotism, 1914-1940
(Cambridge University Press)

2005, Jack Dougherty, More Than One Struggle: The Evolution of Black Schools in Milwaukee
(University of North Carolina Press)

2004, Jane Hunter, How Young Ladies Became Girls (Yale University Press) 

2003, Jon Zimmerman, Whose History?  Culture Wars in the Public Schools (Harvard University Press)

2002, Guadalupe San Miguel, Jr., Brown, not White: School Integration and the Chicano Movement in Houston (Texas A&M Press)

2001, Amy McCandless, The Past in the Present: Higher Education in the South (University of Alabama Press)

1999, John Willinsky, Learning to Divide the World: Education at Empire’s End (University of Minnesota Press)

1997, Lawrence Levine, The Opening of the American Mind (Beacon Press)

1995, Jeffrey Mirel, The Rise and Fall of an Urban School System: Detroit, 1907-81 (University of Michigan Press)

1993, Carl F. Kaestle, Literacy in the United States: Readers and Reading since 1880 (Yale University Press)

1991, JoBurr Margadant, Madame Le Professeur: Women Educators in the Third Republic (Princeton University Press)

1989, David Labaree, The Making of an American High School (Yale University Press)

1987, Ellen Schrecker, No Ivory Tower: McCarthyism in the Universities (Oxford University Press)