Past History of Education Society Prize Winners

2018, Matthew Gardner Kelly, “Schoolmaster’s Empire: Race, Conquest, and the Centralization of Common Schooling in California, 1848-1879”

2016, Andrew R. Highsmith and Ansley Erickson, "Segregation as Splitting, Segregation as Joining: Schools, Housing, and the Many Models of Jim Crow" 

2014    Victoria Cain, “Attraction, Attention and Desire: Consumer Culture as Pedagogical Paradigm in Museums in the United States, 1900 – 1930”

2012    Charles Dorn and Kristen Ghodess, “The Cold War Politicization of Literacy: Communism UNESCO, and the World Bank.”

2010    Jason C. Parker, “Made-in-America Revolutions?  The ‘Black University’ and the American Role in the Decolonization of the Black Atlantic”

2008    Kim Tolley and Nancy Beadie, “Socioeconomic Incentives to Teach in New York and North Carolina, 1800-1850”

2006    John Rudolph, “Epistemology for the Masses: The Origins of ‘The Scientific Method’ in American Schools”

2004 Charlotte Borst, “Choosing the Student Body: Masculinity, Culture, and the Crisis of Medical School Admissions, 1920-1950”

2002 Pamela Grundy, “From Amazons to Glamzons: The Rise and Fall of North Carolina Women’s Basketball, 1920-1960”

2000  Nancy Beadie, “Female Students and Denominational Affiliations: Sources of Success Among 19th Century Academies”