Past Henry Barnard Prize Winners

2017   Christina Groeger, "A 'Good MIxer': University Placement in Corporate America"

2015   Rowan Steineker, “‘Fully Equal to that of Any Child’: Experimental Creek Education in the Antebellum Era”

2013   Kenneth Noble, “'A More Meaningful Democracy than We Ourselves Possess': Charles S. Johnson and the Education Mission to Japan, 1945-1952”

2011   Rita Koganzon, “Producing a Reconciliation of Disinterestedness and Commerce: The Political Rhetoric of Education in the Early Republic”

2009   Sarah Manekin, “Markets, Maneuvering, and the Expansion of Women's Education at the University of Pennsylvania, 1913-1940”

2007   Paul Ramsey, “In the Region of Babel: Public Bilingual Schooling in the MIdwest, 1840s-1880s”

2005   Karen Leroux, “Lady Teachers and the Genteel Roots of Teacher Organization in Gilded Age Cities”

2003  Jonna Perrillo, “Beyond 'Progressive' Reform: Bodies, Discipline, and Construction of the 'Professional Teacher' in Interwar America”

2001   Michael Fuquay, “Civil Rights and the Private School Movement in Mississippi”