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Important News and updates for HES members and friends.  Follow this link for dates important to the HES.


The HES Silent Auction Committee has already received intriguing auction items such as a framed photograph of John Dewey at his 90th birthday celebration; a copy of James Bryant Conant’s The Education of American Teachers, inscribed to Commissioner of Education Francis Keppel; Volume 1, Number 1 of The Social Frontier; and a three-day writer’s retreat (with or without family/partners) at an ocean-front condo in Narragansett, Rhode Island.

The Committee needs your help to round out the auction offerings. Think about what you might contribute to the auction between now and October 1st, for example:

  • a tangible item (like the books and photo cited above)
  • a service that you or a friend can provide (transcription, copyediting, tax advice, homemade chocolate!)
  • support (like the writer’s retreat or housing near an archive). 
  • an autographed set of your books (provided by you or your publisher)
  • the chance to meet with or receive feedback from senior colleagues

Ready to donate an item? Please contact Linda Eisenmann (eisenmann_linda@wheatoncollege.edu), Bob Hampel (hampel@udel.edu ) or Ralph Kidder (historyofedsociety@gmail.com).