JUNE 21-24, 2018

Scholars who work at the intersection of Educational Studies and the liberal arts are invited to attend a four-day conference at Denison University, June 21-24, 2018.

The purpose of assembling such a group is to establish and maintain an academic dialogue on the contributions that Educational Studies makes to the study of education broadly and to the
preparation of educational professionals in a range of settings (teaching, administrative work in schools or non-profit organizations, policy) as well as those who apply their study to work in
other fields such as medicine, law, or politics. Educational Studies faculty occupy a distinct
position in the current debate regarding the impact of education reform movements that have
swept the nation in the last two decades (at both PK-12 and higher education levels). This stems, in part, from the fact that effective preparation for educators depends on liberal education, just as educational studies enhances the efficacy of liberal education.

Educational Studies faculty at Denison University are hosting a conference June 21-24, 2018 to
launch collaborative, biyearly work regarding articulation of liberal arts approaches to
educational studies, teaching educational studies at the undergraduate level, research in
educational studies, and building educational studies programs at our institutions. Specifically, we expect this work to include preparing for several initiatives including an undergraduate research conference for 2020, discussing teaching philosophies, and designing writing projects (books, special journal issues, op-eds, policy drafts). That is, we want to establish a network of scholars to shore up and advance the work of Educational Studies in twenty-first- century education.

Through the generous support of the Cargill Foundation, Denison University is able to provide
lodging in air-conditioned, 4-bedroom apartments on campus and meals. Participants will need to fund their own travel to Granville, Ohio; Denison staff will arrange shuttle service from the John Glenn International Airport in Columbus to campus, and return.

Please submit the registration form HERE by 16 March 2018 to reserve a space at the conference. Additional registrations may be added later, as space allows. Registration will close 15 May 2018.

In late March participants will be invited to help prepare the reading list for the conference, and
will work in groups to facilitate particular sessions.

The members of the planning committee envision this gathering as a chance to study together, devote time to collaborative work in our field, and enjoy each other’s company. Please send questions to