Archival Resources

The HES Archives Committee has created these lists of archival resources from suggestions made by the HES membership. The Committee encourages members to continue to build on these resources by suggesting additional collections or archive sites. Please contact Mary Ann Dzuback, Archives Committee chair, at: with your additions or suggestions.

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Archival Sources for Historians: National/Transnational

The American Historical Association's Archiveswiki "is intended to be a clearinghouse of information about archival resources throughout the world" designed mainly for historians, although others may find it useful:

Published Sources

Directory of Historical Textbook and Curriculum Collections, Judy Walker
(ed.), Chicago:  Assoc. of College and Research Libraries, Division of the American Library Association, 2005.

Fifteenth to Eighteenth Century Rare Books on Education:  A Catalog of the Title Held by the Education Research Library, Washington, DC:  National Institute of Education, 1976.

School Collectibles of the Past, Lar and Sue Hothem, Lancaster, Ohio: Hothem House (Box 458, Lancaster, Ohio), 1993. 

--llustrates and has brief descriptions of a wide assortment of school artifacts.

Provides useful informaltion and images of school items—don’t assume this is merely an antique guide.

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