Archival Resources

The HES Archives Committee has created these lists of archival resources from suggestions made by the HES membership. The Committee encourages members to continue to build on these resources by suggesting additional collections or archive sites. Please contact Mary Ann Dzuback, Archives Committee chair, at: with your additions or suggestions.

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University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana

A large collection on the history of the University, which has both documentary and digital resources, dealing with everything from buildings to student life, faculty papers to administrative papers, photographs, and maps, and many other materials:

Professional journals, state school reports, city school reports, and other published materials from the early twentieth-century

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Loyola University at Chicago

Holds the Women and Leadership Archives at Loyola University Chicago (WLA). Collections include the Mundelein College Records, which relate directly to women and education in some form: Chicago all-girls Catholic high schools, all-women Catholic colleges, women in higher education, women religious as educators, women in education reform, and women educators.

(note: the WLA Director is interested in expanding the collections in the area of women's education or women in education because it is such a cornerstone of our overall collection strength, especially women or women's organizations involved in Chicago Public Schools or the Cook County Board of Education, but I would welcome just about anything under the broader umbrella of women/education (please contact Beth Myers:

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Illinois State University at Normal Milner Library

Established in 1857 as the first university in Illinois, as a normal school; employed a handful of Bridgewater Normal alums for its charter faculty.  American Herbartianism was founded here by Charles DeGarmo and shared with Charles, Frank and Lida McMurray who were at times students and educators here at ISNU.  ISNU had laboratory schools long before Dewey two of which remain in operation today.

Holds official records from governing boards, campus offices, faculty and student governance bodies, committees, colleges, departments and faculty and student organizations.  The University Archives collects and holds the professional and personal papers of faculty, administrative staff and alumni; materials on Illinois educational organizations pertaining to the university; and local manuscripts or archival materials of individuals, clubs or business relating to the university.

Also holds a collection of children's literature, children's art, historical textbooks:

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