Archival Resources

The HES Archives Committee has created these lists of archival resources from suggestions made by the HES membership. The Committee encourages members to continue to build on these resources by suggesting additional collections or archive sites. Please contact Mary Ann Dzuback, Archives Committee chair, at: with your additions or suggestions.

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Toronto District School Board Archives

The TDSB's collection is very impressive: there some real gems in the collection, including student record cards and the complete records of the Home and School Association. There are, however, few finding aids. One was published in 1977 that is actually pretty good.

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Vancouver School Board

On-line Sources

--BC Archives research note on schools-related records, issued periodically

-- a web site on schools entitled “The Homeroom”, edited by Patrick Dunae

See also: Patrick A. Dunae, The School Record: A Guide to Government Archives Relating to Education in British Columbia, 1852-1946  (1990)

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The Education Heritage Museum

A project digitizing samples of artifacts and teaching materials used by teachers in classrooms across Canada.  The digitizing project is ongoing and contains a great variety of artifacts in the collection.  Eventually it will contain an audio component of interviews with retired teachers and film/ video materials.

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University of Leuven, KADOC Documentation and Research Center for Religion, Culture, and Society

An interfaculty centre that focuses on the evolving interaction between religion, culture and society in Flanders - in its Belgian and international context - from 1750 onwards. The history of education occupies an important place in KADOC's continuously growing archival and library collections and in the research the Centre carries out.   The main focus is on the history of Catholic education in Flanders / Belgium, in its international context.  KADOC conserves a rich collection of archives that are valuable for historians of education.

A general overview of archives at KADOC is available in the ODIS database (Online Database on Intermediary Structures). ODIS not only provides basic information about those archives, but also about the organisations and persons that created them (authority records).  Information is structured according to international standards (e.g. ISAD(G), ISAAR(CPF).

The general information about the archives at KADOC can also be found in Archiefbank Vlaanderen (Archival Database Flanders), the register of private archives in Flanders.

The archives at KADOC are described in detail in the archival management system scopeArchiv.   See scopeArchiv OPAC, which forms part of LIAS (Leuven’s Integral Archiving System).

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