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The West Virginia Archives and History

W.W. Trent Papers from The West Virginia Archives and History located in Charleston, WV.

Here is the website:

There are also a couple of books and a Ph.D. dissertation on the early history of Education in West Virginia. I am providing some of the citations.

William Woodson Trent (W. W. Trent), Mountaineer Education: A Story of Education in West Virginia 1885-1957

(Charleston, West Virginia: Jarrett Publishing, 1960),

Charles H. Ambler, A History of Education in West Virginia: From Early Colonial Times to 1949 (Huntington,

West Virginia: Standard Printing and Publishing Company, 1951).

Paul Douglas Casdorph, “Legislative Politics and the Public Schools in West Virginia, 1933-1958: A Twenty-

Five Year History” (PhD diss., University of Kentucky, 1970).

These records above are essential to understanding the formation of the West Virginia public education system that developed. 

Contributed by Cody Cunningham