Archival Resources

The HES Archives Committee has created these lists of archival resources from suggestions made by the HES membership. The Committee encourages members to continue to build on these resources by suggesting additional collections or archive sites. Please contact Mary Ann Dzuback, Archives Committee chair, at: with your additions or suggestions.

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The West Virginia Archives and History

W.W. Trent Papers from The West Virginia Archives and History located in Charleston, WV.

Here is the website:

There are also a couple of books and a Ph.D. dissertation on the early history of Education in West Virginia. I am providing some of the citations.

William Woodson Trent (W. W. Trent), Mountaineer Education: A Story of Education in West Virginia 1885-1957

(Charleston, West Virginia: Jarrett Publishing, 1960),

Charles H. Ambler, A History of Education in West Virginia: From Early Colonial Times to 1949 (Huntington,

West Virginia: Standard Printing and Publishing Company, 1951).

Paul Douglas Casdorph, “Legislative Politics and the Public Schools in West Virginia, 1933-1958: A Twenty-

Five Year History” (PhD diss., University of Kentucky, 1970).

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Archival Sources for Historians: National/Transnational

The American Historical Association's Archiveswiki "is intended to be a clearinghouse of information about archival resources throughout the world" designed mainly for historians, although others may find it useful:

Published Sources

Directory of Historical Textbook and Curriculum Collections, Judy Walker
(ed.), Chicago:  Assoc. of College and Research Libraries, Division of the American Library Association, 2005.

Fifteenth to Eighteenth Century Rare Books on Education:  A Catalog of the Title Held by the Education Research Library, Washington, DC:  National Institute of Education, 1976.

School Collectibles of the Past, Lar and Sue Hothem, Lancaster, Ohio: Hothem House (Box 458, Lancaster, Ohio), 1993. 

--llustrates and has brief descriptions of a wide assortment of school artifacts.

Provides useful informaltion and images of school items—don’t assume this is merely an antique guide.

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You can conduct a catalog search from this page, but you can also apply an LC classification visualization through the link at the bottom-right:

LA - History of Education shows 1,273 items available

LH - College and student magazines and papers shows 920 items available

On-line Sources

Images of Lancastrian Schools:  Google images lists over 1500 images

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The London School of Economics

Has in the past couple of months has been posting some great sets of photos of college life, all with "no known copyright restrictions" status, ready for tagging and commenting as part of the Flickr Commons project. Among the sets of particular interest:

LSE Founders and Early Days 1895-1920s (20 photos):

Around the School 1930s (14 photos):

Around the School 1940s (19 photos):

Around the School 1950s (14 photos):

Around the Schol 1960s (62 photos):

Around the School 1970s (80 photos):

Around the School 1980s (80 photos):

Around the School 1990s (6 photos):

Formal LSE Staff Portraits (58 photos):

Published Sources

History of Education Researcher

--Volumes published in May and November each year by the UK History of Education Society, includes items about archives and archival acquisitions (mostly those in the

UK) relevant to the field.  For information:

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Modern Records Centre at the University of Warwick

Records of the National Union of Teachers, the National Union of Students and the British Educational Research Association (BERA)

Others in Development

--Guides on careers guidance and counseling, vocational education, the work of ILEA (the Inner London Education Authority) and health education.

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Institute of Education, University of London

[Becky Webster. Deputy Archivist, Information Services, Institute of Education, University of London]:

--Institute’s papers which cover the period from our establishment as the London Day Training College in 1902 to the present

--100 deposited collections that cover all areas of education, including all levels of UK education from pre-school and school through to further, higher, teacher and adult education, in formal, informal and experimental settings. It includes research, practice, policy and thought in education and related areas:

         Personal papers of significant individual educationists such as researchers, practitioners, policy makers, writers and thinkers (particularly individuals who have a close association to the Institute);

          Records of corporate bodies such as trade unions, professional bodies, societies, associations, pressure groups and special interest groups;

           Records of research projects and initiatives.

Lists of separate collections are at:

 (for papers of individuals)

 (for records of organizations)

Web links to collections and guides and_design_(March_2009)  Subject Guide 1: School architecture and design (pdf) Subject Guide 1: School architecture and design (pdf)  Subject Guide 2: Comparative education (pdf) Subject Guide 3: Progressive education (pdf) Subject Guide 4: Post-war educational reconstruction (pdf) Subject Guide 5: Child psychology (pdf) Subject Guide 6: 'Voice' and 'memory' (pdf) Subject Guide 7: Women and education (pdf) Subject Guide 8: Family history (pdf)

Japanese Language Sites

Kyoto Municipal Museum of School History has a collection of Edo period through WWII era materials on schooling in the city of Kyoto.

Tottori Prefectural Archives

Several years ago archivists there made copies of the historical documents held by every public school in the prefecture and catalogued the copies in the prefectural archives.

Kaichi gakkou (Kaichi primary school)

Several tens of thousands of documents have been preserved and archived from the Kaichi gakkou primary school which dates from 1873 in the city of Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture. Twenty or so volumes of this material have been reproduced and published.

Shinano kyouiku hakubutsukan (Shinano museum of education)

This small facility in Nagano City, Nagano Prefecture has a collection of textbooks dating from the end of the Edo period, historical journals of the Shinano kyouikukai (a local teachers' association), children's artwork, etc.

The library ( of the National Institute for Educational Policy Research in Tokyo has government documents, textbooks, and other materials on education primarily from the late 19th century to the present.

Materials can also be found in many major university libraries, the National Diet Library, and other government archives, municipal museums, as well as in schools themselves.  The oldest public school in a particular area sometimes has administrative logs and other materials dating to the institution's founding sitting in a safe in the principal's office.  Public schools in Japan are frequently being combined in recent years as the number of school age children declines, so if one can find a school that traces its ancestry to several older ones, and obtain permission from the principal to have a look, a treasure of historical materials may be waiting.

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The George Eckert Institute for International Textbook Research

Braunschweig, Germany ( an excellent collection of textbooks, which is strongest in the fields of history, civics, and science. While the library's holdings are particularly rich in terms of German textbooks from the 19th and 20th centuries, there are also materials from throughout Europe. Additionally, the GEI offers short-term research grants to visiting scholars to use the library (and a pleasant guest house for those working at the Institute); web site:


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