This year’s Division F Mentoring Seminar, “Moving Forward through the Past: Equity in the History of Education and the Profession,” will be held in San Diego, CA during AERA’s 2022 annual meeting (date and time forthcoming). The mentoring seminar will address critical issues stemming from a shifting social, political, and economic context that demands exemplary research, teaching, and service from historians of education. This seminar will provide panel discussions led by distinguished leaders in the field. It will also place accepted applicants with a mentor to foster professional development and cultivate a lasting professional relationship.

If you are a graduate student or junior faculty member interested in participating in the Division F Mentoring Seminar, please submit both a curriculum vitae and cover letter addressing the following components: 1) your research interests; 2) progress in your graduate program or your career path; and 3) how you plan to utilize the seminar for the advancement of your career. Please also indicate whether you have attended a Division F mentoring program before. You can email applications (and any questions) with the subject heading “Division F Mentoring Seminar Application” to Derek Taira at

The application is due Wednesday, December 1st and participants will be notified by December 17th.  AERA will provide participants $100 to help defray travel and lodging costs. Spaces are limited so please apply or encourage graduate students and junior faculty to apply early.