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The History of Education Quarterly is currently housed at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. During 2015, it will move to the University of Washington. The new editors begin assuming responsibility for new submissions in January and remaining responsibilities in July, 2015.

History of Education Quarterly Editorial staff:

James D. Anderson, Senior Editor, E-mail: janders@illinois.edu
Nancy Beadie, Senior Editor (incoming, 2015), E-mail:  nbeadie@uw.edu

Yoon K. Pak, Co-Editor, E-mail: yoonpak@illinois.edu
Christopher Span, Co-Editor, E-mail: cspan@illinois.edu
Joy Williamson-Lott, Co-Editor (incoming, 2015), E-mail:  joyann@uw.edu

Book Review Editor:

Timothy R. Cain, Email: tcain@uga.edu
Institute of Higher Education
Meigs Hall, Room 216
University of Georgia
Athens, GA  30602-6772

Isaac Gottesman (incoming, 2015), Email:  isaacg@iastate.edu
School of Education
Iowa State University
E155A Lagomarcino Hall
Ames, IA 50011

Editorial Assistants

Paul W. Mathewson, matthwsn@illinois.edu
Kathryn Nicholas (incoming, 2015), nichok42@uw.edu
Kevin S. Zayed, zayed2@illinois.edu 

Copy-Editor and Book Review Editorial Assistant

Suzanne M. Reilly, smreilly@illinois.edu

The Quarterly is published through Wiley-Blackwell. Information can be found at the Wiley-Blackwell HEQ site regarding guidelines and editorial contacts.

The Quarterly is accepting manuscripts on-line. Information can be found at the On-line Journal System site.